CAS has the largest structure in the area of temporary and permanent visas for Brazil. The company was established in 1972 and is a pioneer in the legalization of foreigners. Our competitive difference is that we assure 100% quality, meaning that we attend 20% of the companies which represent 80% of the major projects in Brazil, mostly in the oil industry.

CAS offers total attention and focus on the results desired and obtained in a timely manner.

A leader in the area of immigration, CAS prepares a strategic and effective recruitment and transfer of skilled foreign labor in Brazil, regulating the foreign collaborators who are uncertain about the legislation and laws. CAS has 38 years of experience and knowledge to meet the needs of our clients.

Dr. Carlos Aud Sobrinho, the C.E.O. of CAS and a professional with the most years of experience in the immigration area, shows that CAS does what it promises, with complete quality and guaranteed deadlines. CAS also relies on Dr. Carlos Jorge Aud, the Director of CAS, for guidance and support due to his many years of experience. Our vision is of costs/benefits, though CAS is not only interested in the profits, but in a relationship and the value of services for our clients.


Carlos Aud Sobrinho - C.E.O.Carlos Aud Sobrinho

"Good is the enemy of optimum”, after all, we always want to offer more quality and according to the 80/20 Rule of Vilfredo Pareto, few are vital and many are trivial. By this we can provide 100% satisfaction to our quality clients.

“By August of last year, we had achieved 5,000 approved visas and 7,000 complementary services since January.” – Statement by Dr. Carlos Aud Sobrinho

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Our Team

CAS has trained professionals with special recognition in the area of legalization services. Our advisory group is permanent and maintains communication with our clients and we act strategically and effectively in the immigration market while also offering support to foreign vessels. Trust your documents with CAS and receive quick results with our efficient and quality services. CAS delivers what it promises.

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