Words from the C.E.O.

The Eagle’s Choice

The Eagle is the bird with the greatest longevity; it may live up to 70 years. It has the largest wingspan, reaching over 243 cm (8 feet) wide. Its vision reaches 300 degrees, which is nearly twice as much as a human being. The eagle has a nictitating membrane which makes it the only creature that can look directly to the sun. During a strong storm, the eagle does not hide, nor try to face the weather vainly, but instead flies over it. The eagle is faithful to only one companion and never found in a flock, but always alone and secure. It is a proud hunter and combatant, courageous and majestic, beautiful and precious while in flight or attack.

However, the most fascinating fact is that at the age of 40, the eagle’s talons are long and flexible and cannot grasp its prey anymore. The beak curves itself and can no longer bite with strength, the heavy and old wings make it difficult to fly. There are just two alternatives: Die or renew itself during a 5-month long painful process.

The eagle flies to the nest atop of a mountain to be sheltered though it will only be able to leave if it is capable of flying again. At the mountain is where the eagle courageously endures the pain. It violently beats its beak against the stone until it is torn out and then waits until a new beak is formed. With the new beak, the eagle again suffers great pain as it bites out the old talons and then waits for new talons to grow to be able to pull out the old feathers.

After 5 months of renewal, the eagle throws itself off the mountain with a victorious and strong flight and is able to live 30 more years, allowing a total lifespan of 70 years.

Many people live in constant quarrels and laments, full of resentments and fear and lacking the courage and power to renew and fortify themselves once more.

Destroy the beak of resentment and take out the aggressive talons and pull out the feathers of fear that impede you from flying. The decision is yours!

Will you live as the vulture does, nourishing itself with the putrid from the past, from what is dead or will you fly freely, over the storm and receive the sunlight as the mighty eagle?

Choose life ... Fly!

“Fly in the wings of CAS”.

October 2, 2009

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